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Learn how to manage diseases and health conditions with comprehensive information on symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, procedures. If Status Medical Management is an established Case Management and Review company that provides Benzac Order Uk service to both public and private entities throughout the State of California and all USA states? Status Medical Management provides both telephonic and field case management services that allow streamlining of the process between all stakeholders. We facilitate timely, high quality, and medically appropriate care to injured workers while containing cost through elimination of unnecessary and duplicate services. The value of Status Medical Management to the claims process has proven return on investment accomplished through Support of the Benzac Order Uk, Review of Medical Reports to assess for an appropriate Plan of Care.

Utilization Review ensures quality care to injured workers while eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate treatment. In addition, the Review program assures the patient receives the appropriate care from the appropriate provider in an expeditious fashion. Status Medical Management Utilization Review Program is under the oversight of a Board Certifed Family Practice physician. The Medical Director and Status Medical Management have developed a three-tiered Best Practice systems that reduces unnecessary Utilization Review frequency and cost. If you are looking for an experienced company dedicated to quality and focused on Benzac Order Uk your particular needs, you've found that with Status Medical Management. We are certain that our reputation and experience will set us above the rest. In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, stability is a valuable commodity. The Status Medical Management Nurse Case Management was created by our parent company in response to escalating medical costs. Prescription and delivery included! Status Medical Management improves cost containment while increasing measurable outcomes.

Status Medical Management employs a staff of Nurse Case Managers (NCM) fully skilled in Return to Work Issues and the Workers Compensation arena. Our Managers are trained to assist the Primary Treating Physician (PTP) in facilitating a Plan of Care appropriate to the needs of the individual. NCM are able to assess the Plan of Care and move forward to facilitate authorization in a timely manner therefore saving valuable time. The Nurse Case Managers are trained to identify red flags that could result in extended treatment and/or recovery.

Status Medical Management NCM focus on areas that are frequently associated with high dollar costs such as litigated cases, problem treaters, Total Temporary Disability (TTD), inappropriate body parts, unnecessary diagnostics, facilities where financial gain is an issue, and excessive treatments, therapies, and/or medications.

All NCM activity is initiated at your discretion. The managers maintain three-point communication with the client, patient, and physician. NCM goals and the plan developed to achieve those goals are discussed with the client as well as documented in a comprehensive written report.

To accomplish the agreed upon goals, improve outcomes and contain costs, the NCM utilizes many resources. Low 2019 best prices online, discounts. These resources include, but are not limited to, verbal and written communication with physicians and their staff, field visits with the patient and physician together or independent of each other, negotiation with the physician and employer to secure Temporary Modified Duty (TMD) which allows a safe transition back to work while decreasing TTD costs, and utilization of contracted facilities.

  • Maintain contact, validate emotions, and offer support to the injured employee. Fostering the well being of the individual and assuring them that someone cares decreasing the likelihood of litigation.

  • Reviews PTP reports for correctness of body part and diagnosis.
    This review prevents addition of body parts and migration of injuries.

  • Review for over utilization of therapies as well as appropriateness of treatment/procedures. Careful monitoring in this area reduces costs by questioning and decreasing abuse/over utilization.

  • Maintain open communication with PTP and staff to facilitate appropriate Plan of Care with anticipated Permanent and Stationary (P&S) date. Use our multiple payment options.

  • Prompt treatment authorization utilizing contracted PPO Network providers.

    Timely treatment reduces the individual's fears and facilitates recovery.

  • Referrals to PPO Generates an estimated savings of 15 - 30% below Workers? Compensation Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS).

  • Aggressively addressed diagnosis specific physical restrictions with PTP within practice guidelines as set forth in the Presley Reed Disability manager (diagnosis specific copy attached).

    Enables the individual to return to a safe work environment within physical restrictions set by the PTP.

  • Addressed Temporary Modified Duty (TMD) with Primary Treating Physician (PTP).

    Saving costs on number days of Total Temporary Disability (TTD) days.

  • Negotiate with PTP for appropriate return to TMD or U&C.

    Benzac Order Uk Saving costs by decreasing.

  • Address P&S status absent surgery without improvement.

    Educate PTP on plateaued conditions thus P&S which saves time and cost

  • Review P&S report for specific future medical needs.

  • Decreases long term over all medical costs.

We know there are many choices when considering which NCM company to hire. If you are looking for an experienced company dedicated to quality and focused on your particular needs, at Status Medical Management you have found that company. We are certain that our reputation and experience will set us above the rest.

  • Early Medical Intervention
  • Long-Term Care Management
  • Managed Workers' Compensation
  • Medical and Disability Management
  • Medical Bill Review & Reporting
  • Utilization Review
  • Telephonic Nursing
  • PPO Network

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